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For more information, visit the website of Villa Farnesina

In this XVI century villa, built for Agostino Chigi, it is possible to visit the “Lodge of Galatea”, with the famous fresco of the nymph Galatea painted by Raphael and frescoes by Baldassare Peruzzi and Sebastiano del Piombo; the “Lodge of Love and Psyche”, painted by Raphael and his school and “The Frieze Room”, decorated by Baldassare Peruzzi. On the first floor there is the splendid “Hall of Perspectives” by Peruzzi and Agostino Chigi's bedroom, painted by Giovanni Antonio Bazzi (known as Sodoma), with the marriage of Alexander the Great and Roxane.

Opening hours, special guided tours and special openings are listed in the homepage and in the website of Villa Farnesina

To book a tour:
Tel: +39 06 6802 73 97 - +39 06 68 02 75 38

General enquiries
e-mail: – tel: +39 06 68 02 72 67
Web: –

Entrance fees

Free ticket:

  • Children under 10 accompanied by parents
  • Journalists with credentials
  • Disabled persons with a guide
  • Licensed tour guides with ID

Tickets at 3,00 Euros:
  • 10-14 years old
  • School groups accompanied by a teacher
  • Elementary, secondary and high schools, universities (with a letter from the school or badges)

Tickets at 5,00 Euros:
  • 14-18 years old
  • Teachers with credentials
  • 65 + years old
  • ICOM Holders

Ordinary tickets at 6.00 Euros:
  • 18-65 years old
Guided tour of the Chigi Garden 2,00 Euros:
  • After the guided tour of Villa Farnesina

On second Sunday of the month Euro 10,00:
  • guided tour with music

Parking is not allowed inside the Villa premises.

Visits for elementary and middle schools
Elementary and middle schools must schedule a tour with the Villa Farnesina tour coordinator. Two tours are organized daily, each class comprising of 30 students. School must submit at the entrance (on school letterhead) a list of the students entering the Villa. Visits should not exceed one and a half hour.

Special Openings
Special visits to Villa Farnesina may be organized upon request and are subject to approval by management.
Visits are reserved for a minimum of 30 people, with payment of € 360,00. For every additional person a cost of € 12,00 will be charged. Reservations must be made at least 15 working days in advance. Payment must be made 10 days prior to the date of the group visit via postal order, made payable to Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei – Via della Lungara 10 – 00165 Rome, specifying the time and date of the visit. Visit should not exceed three hours.
If cancellations occur after payment, a 50% penalty of the full amount will be charged.
For special openings entrance fees above are not applicable.

Photographs and videos
No photographs or videotapes are permitted either inside or outside the Villa Farnesina. Special permission may be granted under exceptional conditions and for personal study only, and not to disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate any such material. Permission must be requested in writing, addressed to the President of the Accademia dei Lincei – Via della Lungara 10 – 00165 Roma, specifying the nature of study. If permission is granted, a copy of the material that has been elaborated must be provided to the Academy. For photography and filming at the professional level, the use of equipment, a request for authorization must be made to the Academy.

For additional information or questions please contact us at the numbers above.

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