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Rules ans Regulations



1. The Archive is open, upon authorization, for the purpose of study and research.
2. Consultation of the documentation is restricted to already inventoried material. Non-categorized documents are not available before their organization and filing is completed.
3. Inventories, repertories, auxiliary and service documentation are freely available.
4. For each research topic, scholars are required to fill in the admission application downloadable on line from this page. The application should state clearly, together with the applicant’s personal details, the subject and purpose of the research and has to be signed by the applicant.
5. Admission applications should be addressed to the Historical Archive of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, which will examine the requests and set the dates when researches can be carried out, in accordance with the extent of the research and the availability of space and resources.
6. Documents can be consulted only on the premises of the Library of the National Academy of the Lincei, in the reading room. Readers are required to duly fill in the request form at the entrance.
7. Consultation is allowed during the Library’s opening hours. As a rule, the Archive is closed in August. 8. Personal computers may be used, while the use of digital cameras is not permitted.
9. Scholars may not consult more than one folder at a time. The material in consultation can be deposited and kept in store for scholars for up to 10 days. Readers can reserve a maximum of 5 units per day. In particularly crowded periods the Archive staff has the right to reduce the number of units to be reserved for the sake of the preservation of the archival materials and security reasons. Scholars are allowed to consult archival documents exclusively on the Academy’s premises; members of the Staff are not entitled to carry out researches on behalf of third parties.
10. Readers may request the material exclusively in their own name; consultation is strictly personal. Borrowing material to external readers is strictly forbidden.
11. Readers are personally responsible for the handling and integrity of the documents consulted. Documents damage, loss, displacement and theft shall be punished with the exclusion from the Archive; offenders can also be prosecuted according to the Civil and Criminal Law.
12. It is not allowed to alter the order of documents and records, whatever their condition, or to mark papers with notes or numbers. Should the material appear to be disarrayed or damaged, scholars are invited to report it to the Archive staff.


1. Availability of documents is regulated by the Italian law, with particular reference to private archives, according to art. 127 of the Legislative Decree of 22 January 2004 n. 42, to which are applied the regulations of Articles 123 - paragraph 3 on the chronological limits, and 126 - paragraph 3, concerning the processing of personal data. According to the directions of the Presidential Decree of September 30, 1963, no. In 1409, scholars can consult only the documents that are included in properly inventoried funds, with the exception of researches specifically commissioned by the Academy for the accomplishment of particular projects.
2. Scholars must comply with the current regulations regarding the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 "Code concerning the protection of personal data" and provision of the Guarantor n. 8 / P / 2001 "Code of ethics and good conduct for the processing of personal data for historical purposes ") and must sign the acceptance of such regulations, implying observance and respect of the above mentioned rules. The authorization to consult documents containing personal data does not relieve the scholars from criminal and civil liability for offenses or damage caused to persons and institutions and for improper quotation of names and surnames and the disclosure of information contained in the documents consulted.
3. Consulted documents may be quoted only as a paraphrase or summary, with exception of the direct quotation of short passages in a scientific study. Reproduction of the full content of a document, both in transcription and in facsimile is not permitted. For reproduction permits see section III of the Regulations.
4. Scholars agree to provide the Academy with a copy of the results of their research whenever a document of the Archive is used and/or mentioned.


1. Reproduction of documents must be authorized in advance.
2. Reproductions are exclusively carried out by the staff of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.
3. Reproduction orders can be made by filling in the request form following the instructions below:
- signpost the documents with the paper strips provided, indicating the number of sheets to be reproduced (single documents must not be moved or extracted from the folder);
- fill in the form in all its parts, indicating the applicant’s name and surname, the date of request , the archival series, number of the folder and, for each file, the total number of reproductions.
4. The reproduction of whole records, of whole lots of correspondence, of particularly perishable archival series or individual units is not permitted.
5. In case of reproduction for personal use and for study purposes, applicants agree “not to disclose, distribute, pass or sell to the public their own copies" (in accordance with the requirements for the documentation of the State Archives as stated in the Ministerial Decree of 8 April 1994, point 3) and also agree not to use the reproductions for purposes other than those indicated. Violations of this agreement will result in the exclusion from the consultation of the Academy’s archival documentation.


(In compliance with the requirements for documentation of the National Archives as stated in DM 08/04/1994) 1. Applicants are required to submit to the Historical Archive of the Academy their applications for the publication permit by filling in the specific form (downloadable on line from this page) indicating the archival shelf-mark, the title of the work, usage of the reproductions (printed publication, exhibition, website, etc.) and their purpose (commercial, scholarly, educational, non-profit).
2. Upon receiving authorization on their publication scholars must quote the Academy as the owner of the published document and indicate its full archival collocation and shelf-mark.
3. Scholars shall always provide the Academy with a copy of the work in which the reproduction is included. 4. The authorization to publish is limited to a single country and to the first issue of the publication; a specific permission will be required for further uses.
5. The authorization to publish does not exempt scholars from ascertaining and complying with the copyright of other parties on the same material.
By countersigning and accepting these Rules and Regulations, scholars will be held responsible for any derogation, which will be punishable by law and will result in the prohibition of any further access to the Archive.


(Approved on 12th december 2013)

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